Cheers, To LinkedIn!

You know, LinkedIn really is quite wonderful.

These past few weeks I have been trying to step up my networking efforts and LinkedIn has helped me be able to get a leg up on my competition. Now when I see a job posting that seems interesting on-line I can just search the company on LinkedIn and see if any of my connections have connections at the desired company.

I have had this happen 2 or 3 times. It’s exciting and adrenaline inducing for me, I feel better knowing that there is someone on the other side who has heard of me and can promote my capabilities to the right people, hopefully helping me to land the job.

I am blessed to have two wonderful mentors from my time at Samford University and they have become my go-to gals for networking in the Birmingham area. All it takes is me shooting them a quick e-mail about a company or any connections and PRESTO they almost always know someone or find someone who does have a connection at that company.

And this is not just my mentors doing this for me, I have had professors recommend me recently because I went and did my research on LinkedIn. I guarantee that taking two minutes to go and search a name of a company on LinkedIn will help you network better and give you a better chance for getting considered, much more than just sending it into the “black hole of death” known more formally as the HR e-mail link. : )

So thanks LinkedIn! You are a tremendous ally in the war on joblessness in America!

AND if you happen to want to check out my LinkedIn page just pop over to the About section!


One thought on “Cheers, To LinkedIn!

  1. Yes! LinkedIn is wonderful! I’ve had some luck using it to find contacts at places I’ve applied. I also love their “People who viewed your profile” feature, very helpful in knowing if potential employers are creepin on you. I wish their premium account wasn’t so damn expensive!

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